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The libray chair, a clever piece of furniture to save space

The bookcase chair is a clever piece of furniture that combines several functions to save space.
It can be equipped with a simple small side shelf to store a dozen books or an electronic reading machine that will contain a digital library. This shelf can also be used to store the remote controls of the hi-fi system to listen to music while reading.
There is also the possibility of multiplying the shelves around the armchair to store several hundred books, depending on the format, or magazines, comic strips or newspapers.
You will also be able to choose a model which integrates a reading light, in the form of a led lamp whose concentrated beam will allow you to read without disturbing your neighbours.

Why choose a bespoke bookcase chair

To maximize the pleasure of reading comfort is essential. And as we are very different from each other from a morphological point of view, only a seat cut like a suit can guarantee this level of comfort.
The right height and depth of the seat allows for an even distribution of pressure on the seat. The blood circulates better at the ischium level and you can remain seated for longer without pain.
The back rests against the backrest, which makes it easier for you to maintain the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine.

A color to integrate the chair into the environment but not only

The choice of colour is essential to ensure that the chair blends in perfectly with the style of your interior.
But its colour also plays on your moods. Yellow, for example, is a stimulating colour for the mind, while red sets you on fire and blue soothes you. The choice of colour for the bookcase chair can therefore also be made according to your favourite reading material.