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Taking your measurements to build a custom-made armchair

To measure the width, height or depth of the seat, use a tape measure and a few pounds. Sit on a flat surface high enough so that your feet are a few centimetres off the ground and open our measuring guide to make a custom-made seat.
Another possibility is to measure a seat in which you are sitting comfortably. Make sure that your back is resting against the backrest, that the front of the seat is not resting against your leg at the popliteal fossa (back of the knee), that your feet are touching the ground flat and that the front of your thighs are resting on the seat cushion.

Why choose a custom-made chair

The right seat height and depth ensures an even distribution of pressure on the seat. Blood circulates better at the pins and you can remain seated for longer periods of time without pain.
The back rests against the backrest, which makes it easier for you to maintain the natural S-shaped curvature of the spine.