Prise de mesure de l'assise

4 dimensions are necessary to make a custom-made chair: the width of the seat between the armrests, its depth, its height (taken from the front) and the height of the backrest.

Measuring the armchair seat width

It should be wide enough for good weight distribution but not too wide to sit upright.

1- position blocks to the right and left of the hips
2- measure the distance between the two blocks.
3- Add about 3 cm to allow for thicker clothing.

Comment mesurer la largeur d'assise du fauteuil

Measuring the armchair seat depth

Correct measurement of the seat depth results in better weight distribution over the entire seat, better vascularisation and therefore greater comfort. It is important that the seat is not too deep so that it does not rest on the popliteal fossa at the back of the knee, which would hinder venous return.

1. Measure the distance between the lower back/gluteal hollow and the hollow at the back of the knee.
2. Remove about 4 cm to measure the seat depth of the chair.

comment mesurer profondeur assise

Measuring the armchair seat height

If it is too high the knees are up and the supports are more important at the bottom of the seat; the sitting position is quickly painful.
If it is too low, the feet are not on the floor and the user slides forward.

1. 1. Put on slippers or the shoes usually worn in the chair.
2. 2. Put books under the feet so that
- the front of the thigh rests on the front of the seat (one hand must not be able to pass through)
- the feet are no longer in the air
3. measure the distance from the underside of the heel to the seat

Comment mesurer la hauteur d'assise du fauteuil

Armchair backrest height

It is different depending on the model of chair.
The person sitting on a flat surface measures

Short backrest . The height from the seat to the armpits or shoulder blade - figure 1 (for Aero type chairs).
Medium backrest . The height between the seat and the top of the shoulders - figure 2 ( for Biblio or Stand Up chair)
High backrest . The height between the seat and the head - figure 3 (for upper case)

Figure 1 (e.g. for Aero chair)

Comment mesurer la hauteur du dossier de l'Aero

Figure 2 (e.g. for Biblio or Stand Up chair)

Comment mesurer la hauteur du dossier d'un fauteuil Aero ou Biblio

Figure 3 (e.g. for Wing chair)

Comment mesurer la hauteur du dossier du fauteuil Majuscule