While our morphologies differ significantly we are forced to use chairs and armchairs produced in one size.

The creation of a custom-made seat based on the user's measurements will allow us to have a height and depth of seating perfectly adapted to the user's morphology.
Two picture of the same tailor made armchair, one designed for a small lady and on for a tall man

Benefits of an adapted sitting posture

1- Thanks to an adapted seat depth, the back rests on the backrest cushion; the column retains its natural "S" shape.
2- The height of the armrests is high enough to sit upright and low enough not to create tension in the shoulders.
3- Thanks to a seat depth and seat height adapted to the leg segments, the pressure on the seat is ideally distributed.
4- The front of the seat does not press against the popliteal fossa and therefore does not hinder venous return; in a resting phase, recovery is faster.

Bonne posture assise pour le dos

Consequences of sitting in an oversized chair

A user whose leg segments are smaller than average in size will sit poorly in a one-size chair. The following problems can be observed:

1- Pressure of the seat against the popliteal fossa impeding venous return.
2- Pressure is poorly distributed, high at the front of the seat and low at the back.
3- When the seat is too deep, the back no longer rests against the backrest, the pelvis pivots and the back becomes rounded.
4- The lumbar hollow disappears, the spine loses its natural S-shape.
5- The armrests are too high and the shoulders are under tension. Muscle tension can result at the level of the cervical vertebrae.

Mauvaise posture assise fauteuil trop grand

Poor posture sitting in a chair that is too small in size

A user whose leg segments are larger than average is sitting poorly in a one-size chair. The following problems can be observed:

1- Over-pressure at the back of the seat, in relation to the ischium and sacrum.
2- The armrests are too low and do not play their supporting role properly.

Fauteuil trop petit pour un utilisateur de grande taille