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If you are looking for chairs made in France that are as stylish as they are comfortable, then you can incorporate a rocking chair into your interior design. Rocking chairs give you the ability to rock back and forth using the push and pull of your feet.

In which room should you install your rocking chair?

This style of chair can be placed inside the house or on a covered terrace. The rocking movement allows you to change the points of support to promote circulation.

For outdoor use, the panels must be protected from water and UV rays. However, it is preferable to put the rocking chairs under cover in winter and during rainy seasons.
Rocking chairs are perfect for every home, even those with a modern design. A modern rocking chair is different from a traditional rocking chair because it is made with a simple and clean design. Modern rocking chairs differ from traditional rocking chairs because they are less ornate in design. And what's fantastic about these types of chairs is the wide selection you can choose from. A modern rocking chair has so many different sub-styles, such as contemporary, industrial, or even mid-century modern.
Rocking chairs are also used to put a child to sleep when they are held in their arms and in crèches. A rocking chair made of oiled Corrèze panels or coloured Valchromat can be the centrepiece of your living room or children's room.
Rocking chairs made to measure

Our rocking chairs are made to measure to ensure your comfort of use. When ordering, please tell us your measurements and we will manufacture your chair with the utmost care.
The cushions of our rocking chairs are made of high density Bultex foam for long-lasting comfort.
The rocking chairs are now offered in several models to fit into multiple aesthetics ranging from traditional. The most difficult part is undoubtedly choosing the color of the base and the cushions.
You can place a wooden rocking chair in your living room, in a reading corner or in your baby's room. These simple, classic rocking chairs can add a unique touch to your decor, making a wooden rocking chair a good choice for any home.

Which rocking chair to put children to sleep?

If you are welcoming a new baby into your home, then a rocking chair is a great idea for a new nursery. A wooden rocking chair for your nursery is ideal for rocking your little one to sleep and relaxing after a hard day. You can find comfortable nursery lullabies that are made of fabric, so it is comfortable for you and your little one to sit down in case you both fall asleep.

A rocking chair to rest in

A glider rocker is a comfortable alternative to traditional rockers. These rocking chairs are usually made of comfortable fabric and fleece, so they look more like a rocking sofa. Glider rockers rock back and forth so you can relax after a hard day on your feet. These chairs can be combined with the rocking leg rest.